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Linking, Ranking and Google

While slogging through the thicket of info on blogging today, I found a great person and resource: Lorelle on WordPress. Many great pages on blogging, and specifically WordPress.

Along with the linking theme here, you may want to read this one: Secret Out – How Google Ranks Websites, by Lorelle on WordPress “. May be old news for some (from 2005), but… She explains in interesting and easy to read language the in’s and out’s of how Google manages to outwit the spammers. And she makes some more sense out of the queries in my 1st post.

The skinny:

Not the number of links (reciprocal or not), but rather the length of time you’ve been on the web with your domain name, AND…
A gradual (vs. constant or acute, i.e. spammers) number of changes in your website, including the addition of links.

Relevance in all your keywords and content.

How long folks stay on your site (click thru rates).


and, makes me wonder why I, and others, have been under a rock or something…



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Internet and Imagination

I’ve been banging on Sandy’s Mountain Scene Jewelry website for 5 years now, reading, taking advice, updating, etc. What I have not done is much linking – a small links page for friends in business, 2 links on the home page that were required for reciprocity (stinky), and I’ve put us in a few link farms whenever I’ve stumbled across one that’s relevant and easy.

As we all know, linking is supposed to be the deal, pretty nearly the whole deal.

So, how are we (almost completely) making a living from web sales when I’ve ignored the issue?

The reason I started to blog – finally – is to explore this idea.

First, we live well within our means, usually, and in a place where it’s not easy to go shopping and spend – a middle of nowhere.

Second, linking seems to be secondary to defining your niche well and making all your coding/content relevant and redundant.

Third, and most interestingly, is that folks find us. This is wild because I’ve been yapping about our unique marketing problem: no one knows that mountain jewelry exists. I’m not a marketer or business person by inclination or training, so this has been like an insurmountable wall for me. I search for relevant info (hard) and refuse to implement the ideas I do find (easy).

So how is this working?

I encouraged Sandy to ask our clients. The essence of their answers – imagination and desire.

This got me thinking of the Internet as similar to the time when medieval map makers symbolized uncharted territory with dragons and scary monsters. Sort of. Yes, there are many capable and imaginative folks working to create/understand the architecture, the network structure and dynamics and the extent of the net. And only a set of folks see scary stuff along the edges (or the middle, or everywhere, depending on their general fear level).

It’s the uncharted territory idea that I’m going for. Anything could be out there in cyberspace, and our clients are like explorers. This is phenomenal. If you’re a client reading this – cheers to you and your way of thinking!


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