Linking, Ranking and Google

While slogging through the thicket of info on blogging today, I found a great person and resource: Lorelle on WordPress. Many great pages on blogging, and specifically WordPress.

Along with the linking theme here, you may want to read this one: Secret Out – How Google Ranks Websites, by Lorelle on WordPress “. May be old news for some (from 2005), but… She explains in interesting and easy to read language the in’s and out’s of how Google manages to outwit the spammers. And she makes some more sense out of the queries in my 1st post.

The skinny:

Not the number of links (reciprocal or not), but rather the length of time you’ve been on the web with your domain name, AND…
A gradual (vs. constant or acute, i.e. spammers) number of changes in your website, including the addition of links.

Relevance in all your keywords and content.

How long folks stay on your site (click thru rates).


and, makes me wonder why I, and others, have been under a rock or something…



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One response to “Linking, Ranking and Google

  1. It makes such a difference when you realize that you should respect your elders on the web because they should, deservedly so, have seniority in page rank. That’s not always true, but at least Google makes an attempt to make it so.

    The only thing new on the search engine horizon is a type of profiling, where they decide, based on your history of searching, what you are interested in and push that content towards you. That’s a tough one, but they are determined.

    Glad I helped you understand this a little better. It’s not as complicated or mysterious as many make it, but there are a lot of elements to think about. I tell my students and clients to just focus on “focused content” and creating a quality body of work and your audience will come to you. Tricks and gimmicks don’t work. In fact, they can hurt you.

    Good luck!

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